How to make a Bottle Garden

Illustration of the Bottle Garden DIY article from Sciences Occultes Magazine draw by Bill Crisafi

Written by : Justin Beal
Illustrations by : Bill Crisafi

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Fashion Editorial

Cover picture of the fashion editorial shot by Witchsister

Photographer : Maria Backhaus
Jewels : Callisto Jewelry
Model : Mira Berg

A beautiful collaboration between the photographer behind Witchsister Photography, Maria Backhaus and Callisto Jewelry by Lara Jamison featuring the pretty Mira Berg !

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Sciences Occultes Magazine #4 – Digital Version

The digital version of Sciences Occultes Magazine #4 is finally here ! We hope you’ll enjoy it !

Contributors : Brinkley Capriola, Lupe Vasconcelos, Sisters of the Black Moon, Esben & the Witch, Brian Vu, Yigit Uygur, Nona Limmen, Estudio 93, Anouska Beckwith, Kim Inchul, Johannes Huwe, Jade Fletcher, Justin Beal, Simon Laperriere, Jeff Adjabahoué, Alec Remington, Dylan Garrett Smith, Bill Crisafi, Sam Gehrke and Anna Forrest.


Shopping Inspiration

Clothes Selection

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Playlist April 2014

Music Selection : Jeff Adjabahoué

Image : Jack Vanzet

Flickr Selection

Photo by Tamar Burduli

Here’s a selection of some photos we like from our Flickr Group !

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Facing Pages 2014 – Independant Magazine Biennale

Facing pages 2014 banner

Facing Pages 2014 – Independent magazines biennale, Arnhem (the Netherlands)
Symposium: 28 & 29 March | Exhibition: 28 March – 7 April

Facing Pages is the leading biennale on independent magazines in Europe. During several days the city centre of Arnhem will be transformed into a free haven for magazine makers and lovers. Facing Pages will host a symposium with lectures and magazine presentations, exhibitions, parties and more to celebrate the power of print!

Sciences Occultes Magazine will be exhibited during the whole exhibition.

You can get tickets here !

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Fashion Editorial

Witchsister Photography

Photographer : Maria Backhaus
Post-Production : Claudia Jacquemin
Model : Nargila Alieva

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Playlist February 2014

Music Selection & Artwork :  Selp

Chelsea Wolfe Concert Review

Chelsea Wolfe

 Chelsea Wolfe Concert Review
5 November 2013 – Stockholm, Sweden

Days are getting shorter, nights are colder. Don’t like this wintery weather, but there is something special about cold winds that come from the sea. Something refreshing and magical. I wish I could sit by the sea and listen to Chelsea Wolfe, but no need to freeze, she anyway playing in a club that is almost reaching the sea itself.

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