Who can advertise on Sciences Occultes ?

Anyone with a shop, a gallery, a project, an event or whatever you want to advertise, though we are keeping the right to decline any adverts that we don’t find appropriate for our audience. If you don’t have any adverts ready or if we think yours don’t quite fit our theme, we can make one for you under your instructions !

Why would I want to advertise on Sciences Occultes ?

We launched Sciences Occultes as a Website in November 2011 and released our magazine in June 2012, after being picked by the Issuu Team to be feature on their front-page shelf, we managed to hit more than 70.000 readers worldwide. We currently have thousand of followers on multiple social medias and this number keeps growing.

Where would my ad be displayed ?

If you choose a Back Cover, a Single Page, or a Double Page, your advert will be displayed in the printed and online versions of our magazine, where we think it will look at its best. And if you choose a Website Button, It will be displayed on Sciences Occultes home page, on the right sidebar.

What methods of payment do you accept ?

We use Paypal as it is the safest method, just like on our shop. The payment needs to be fully received before we can start running your advert.

What are your requirements  ?

Magazine Spread
– File in .JPEG
– 300 dpi resolution
– CMYK format
– 21 cm X 29,7 cm for Cover and Single Page // 42 cm X 29,7 cm for Double Page

Website Advert
– File in .JPEG
– 90 dpi resolution
– RGB format
– 220*220 px for a small ad // 220*300 px for a medium ad // 220*500 px for a large ad


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